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Call Us Today!
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What is your service charge?
Our service charge is $75, which includes up to 1 hour of diagnostic time during regular working hours.
Can I fix it myself?
Possibly, but an improperly done repair could end up costing more than a service call.
What are the benefits of replacing over repairing?
Replacing saves money through energy efficiency, warranty, and repair costs.
How often should I change my filter?
At least once a month.
What kind of filter should I use?
A pleated filter.
Does freon ever need changing like oil in a car?
No, freon does not break down over time.
If I add on to my house, will my current AC be enough?
Probably not. Most systems are rated for a specific square footage and if you increase the square footage, then you will have to increase the size of the AC.
What can I do to extend the life of the unit?
Change the filter atleast once per month.
Make sure the condensor coil is clean and free from blockage.
Get the unit serviced annually.
Should I turn off my AC when I leave or just turn up the thermostat?
While both options will save energy, turning off your AC may raise the temperature in the house to a point where it may take several hours to cool back down.
The line outside my house is constantly dripping water. Is this a problem?
No, during the summer a steady stream of water should drip from the line.
I have a heat pump and steam is comming from the outside unit. Is this a problem?
Not necessarily. The unit may just be going into defrost mode.
What if I see ice on my freon lines?
Turn off AC and set the fan to the on position. Then check for a dirty filter and if the blower is not running. If both are ok, then call for service, but remember the unit must be off for 2-4 hours to defrost. 
What S.E.E.R. unit should I get?
We recommend a 16 S.E.E.R. There are higher rated units, but the return may not be worth the investment.
What does it mean if the outside fan is not running, but is making a lot of noise?
The motor may be out.
The capacitor may be bad.
If it is a heat pump and heating, it may just be in defrost mode.
The outside unit is running, but little to no air is coming from the register. What could be wrong?
It could be a dirty coil, a dirty filter, evaperator coil may be iced up or a bad blower motor. If the outside unit is running but the air comming from the register is warm, the coolant charge may be low.

Do you offer a
warranty on service calls and new installs?
Our warranties are on labor- up to 30 days, service call parts- up to 1 year and most new installations labor- up to 1 year.

Do's & Don'ts

Ask the following questions:

  • What are your qualifications?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How long in Austin?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you offer free estimates on equipment replacements?

*Get a second opinion
*Get a written estimate

Go on price only.


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